Meth Lab Clean Up

Meth Lab Clean Up

PHJ Services, where the Gold Coast goes for professional Meth Lab Cleaning

meth lab clean up gold coastMeth Lab Clean-up Gold Coast: Here at PHJ Services we are certified, trained experts in meth lab detection and meth lab clean up on the Gold Coast and work to the Australian Federal Clandestine Drug Lab Remediation Guidelines.

We have been in business on the Gold Coast for over 40 years – there is nothing we haven’t seen when it comes to illicit drugs such as ice, speed, meth, and crystal meth contaminating homes and commercial properties.

Contact us now if you need help or advice on meth lab clean up for your property.

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What to do if you suspect your property has been used as a meth lab

How to spot a meth lab certified Gold Coast Meth Lab Clean upIf you know or suspect your property has been used as a meth lab, you must leave immediately.  See here for signs your property has been used as a meth lab.

Exposure to bi-products of meth production is extremely harmful to you and your families health.

They can be cancer causing; damage organs; give birth defects to unborn children; could induce severe headaches; or be responsible for other health issues.

In addition to this, contents put in the property after the meth lab has been in operation will also be contaminated.

If you are concerned about a workplace you own, you also may be liable for future health issues experienced as a result of exposure to the bi-products of meth production.

Contact us now to see how we can help test your property to see if it’s been used for Meth consumption or as a lab; or restore it to its original condition, making it safe for your and your family or employees.

Our Certifications in Meth Lab Clean Up

Here at PHJ services we take you, your family and your employees health seriously. We are fully trained and certified to both test and clean up meth labs. We are experienced in fully restoring your property to a safe, liveable condition.

Biorecovery-certified-Forensic-Cleaners-Gold-Coast-AustraliaABRA – PHJ Services are Certified by ABRA and trained to an international standard in Bio-recovery cleaning services.  We are the only Queensland company to hold this certification.  This means we are the best choice on the Gold Coast for a number of services such as crime scene cleaning, trauma clean-up, meth lab clean ups and restoration of suicide cleans.

ITI-Interactive-Training-InternationalITI/RSA – Interactive Training International & Restoration Sciences Academy – We are certified in the following:- Meth Lab Clean up; Odour Control; Fire/Smoke Damage Inspection & RestorationWater Damage Inspection & Restoration; Structural Drying; Carpet Care & UpholsteryLeather and Fine Fabric Care; Stone, Hard floor & Masonry cleaning; Mould Remediation; Carpet repair

How much Does it Cost to clean up a Meth Lab or Ice Lab?

The cost of cleaning a meth lab or ice lab will vary significantly depending on a number of circumstances.

As a general rule, the bigger the property, and the more contamination, labour and swabs that are required, the more the cost.

Other factors to consider include:

To get a more defined meth lab clean up quote, we generally need to inspect the property in question. Please contact us on (07) 5520 7733 to arrange a meth lab cleaning quote.

Clandenstine Meth Labs – Did You Know?

Meth Lab Clean up Gold CoastDid you know a report published by the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission on Clandestine Drug Labs in Australia shows two-thirds of meth labs found in recent years were in residential locations?

While the majority were home to addicts, the proportion of industrial scale laboratories also increased.

PHJ Services (formerly Peter’s Hydro Jet) has been operating on the Gold Coast since 1975. We pride ourselves on a commitment to provide a quality, professional service to our many commercial, industrial and domestic customers.

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