Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Restoration

Wild weather, storm damage and continuous heavy rain typical of the Gold Coast, can result in major water damage to both residential and commercial buildings. But it’s not only external forces that threaten your home; have you ever left the bath running, had the washing machine overflow or the dishwasher leak everywhere? Accidents happen and when it does PHJ are there to help you with the clean up.

PHJ Services provide a 24 hour Water Damage Emergency Service. Once you place the call, we move fast to get to your premises and minimise the impact, helping you save money on the final damage bill.

Water Damage Restoration Process

In any crises, you want skilled and knowledgeable operators who know what they’re doing. PHJ have over 30 years experience specialising in Water Damage Restoration on the Gold Coast and are proudly listed on the ‘Preferred Supplier’ lists of most insurance companies.

Our professional staff will help you stay calm in an emergency and choose the best course of action to limit water damage as much as possible. We use only the latest and most effective water damage and flood control equipment to restore your carpets to a pre-damaged condition, including Dehumidifiers, Roller Vacs, Water Claws, Injectidry and Turbovent. Once your carpets are dry you can move all your furniture back in and enjoy your home living space once again.

Our process of water damage restoration includes the following;

Mitigate the loss

Make the area safe


Remove underlay (where necessary)




Water damaged carpet is usually covered under your Home Content’s Insurance Policy. Providing you can supply a claim number, the only fee involved should be the excess payment listed on your Policy. Thereafter, you can forward all charges directly to your Insurer.

Andrea McCorriston

Thank you so much for all of your help with our disaster, your company has been terrific through this awful time. Cheers.

Matthew Marshall – Site Manager, ISIS

Thanks to you and Mike for your prompt and professional service. The carpets on level 2 in the Foyer have cleaned up immaculately, showing no signs of previous water damage. We look forward to working with you on future projects and utilising your Water Damage Emergency Services and cleaning services.

PHJ Services are your Gold Coast Carpet Water Damage Restoration specialists. In a Water Damage Emergency, don’t delay… call PHJ Services on (07) 5520 7733 and one of our expert staff will be onsite quick as a flash. If you wish to find out more information on the weather staus and how to prepare you family for the storm season and how to create a emergency kit for your household visit http://www.disaster.qld.gov.au/getready. We hope both you and your family stay safe and dry this next wet season.

Time Frame

Naturally this will vary widely according to the extent of the damage and we can give you an estimate when we have assessed the situation.

Client Requirement

Simply to let us know as quickly as possible.

Special Considerations

According to circumstances, but we will guide you through the process.