Forensic Cleaning Gold Coast

Forensic Cleaning Gold Coast

Forensic Cleaning Gold Coast

Forensic Cleaning Gold Coast:  We are the only fully certified Forensic Cleaning company on the Gold Coast. We’ve  been working with Gold Coast Police for many years assisting them in the professional and forensic clean up of murder scenes, crime scenes and natural death scenes.

Our certification with ABRA, combined with our decades of experience, means there’s very little we haven’t seen before. Our trained technicians are sensitive to the particular nature of these scenes.  They are courteous,  efficient and professional, and will  avoid any health & safety issues that can be associated with this type of forensic cleaning.

Why do I need a Forensic Cleaner? Can I do it myself?

No. We would not recommend you do it yourself because of these 2 reasons:

1. Health and Safety Risk

You could be exposing yourself to a major health and safety risk.  Diseases can be created and transferred through blood and bodily fluids and its critical all of the unsafe aspects on your property are decontaminated, cleaned and removed.

Forensic Cleaners Gold Coast will conduct ATP testing before and after a forensic clean, to make sure the property has a safe level of living micro-organisms. This testing ensures the eradication of  health hazards posed by blood and body fluids exposure.

Our trained and certified forensic cleaners will turn up at the Gold Coast trauma scene wearing Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to make sure they are not exposed to the health risk of blood pathogens.  They will use an Ultra Violet light to identify and remove any hazards not visible to the naked eye.

Special chemicals will be used to decontaminate the site, leaving it hygienic and safe for re-entry.

They will safely dispose of any bio-hazardous materials such as body parts or fluids.

Clearance testing certificates are provided where necessary.

2. You could be breaking the law

Because of the health and safety risk on the job, when conducting Forensic cleaning Gold Coast, there are strict QLD environmental protection laws and Australian laws to abide to.  If you don’t know what you’re doing, you could be breaking the law.  Non-compliance to these laws can result in hefty fines and even jail time.

Therefore Forensic cleaning, by definition, is an extremely specialised type of cleaning requiring not only trained technicians, but the right equipment, clothing and processes.

What we do when we do a forensic clean

When we do a forensic clean on the Gold Coast, we remove all visible signs of the incident in the proper manner.  We make sure all health and safety risks of the job are managed correctly; that our staff are safe doing the job; and that your property is properly decontaminated and cleared for safe re-entry.  As professional forensic cleaners, we ensure:

Staff conducting the clean wear Personal Protective Equipment so they are safe from health & safety risks associated with such a clean

Safe removal and disposal of bio-hazardous material

Odour removal using a specialist hydroxyl machine when required

Decontamination and sanitisation of all areas at the crime or trauma scene

Safe removal of mattresses, sheets, bedding, furnishings and floorings

Chemical Treatment of hard-furnishings on site

Chemical Treatment of hard-furnishings on site

Hygienic cleaning and removal of blood, body parts or fluids

Removal of fingerprint dusting

Safe transport of bio-hazardous material off-site

Legal and safe disposal of bio-hazardous material 

Help available for forensic cleaning QLD and forensic clean up

If you have found yourself in a situation where forensic cleaning Gold Coast has been recommended, however you are not sure what this means in terms of who is responsible for forensic cleaning; or how to get financial support for forensic cleaning, or other support for victims of crime, try the links given here for advice from the Queensland Government.

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