Crime Scene Cleaners Gold Coast

Crime Scene Cleaners Gold Coast

Crime Scene Clean up Gold Coast

Crime Scene Cleaners Gold Coast

PHJ Services are trained, certified and experienced providers of  Crime Scene Cleaners Gold Coast, including Surfers Paradise, Coomera, Labrador and all other suburbs. We also service Tweed Heads, Loganholme, and South Brisbane. We cover all aspects of cleaning, decontamination, and restoration for a crime or trauma scene.

There are special bio-hazard laws that we follow, to make sure your property is hygienic, healthy and safe for use after a crime scene or trauma event. These cleaning techniques go beyond what a normal Gold Coast domestic cleaner would be able to provide.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

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Safe removal and disposal of bio-hazardous material

Odour removal using a specialist hydroxyl machine when required

Decontamination and sanitisation of all areas at the crime or trauma scene

Safe removal of mattresses, sheets, bedding, furnishings and floorings

Treatment of any hard-furnishings that can be cleaned onsite

Hygienic cleaning and removal of blood, body parts or fluids

Removal of fingerprint dusting

How our Crime Scene Cleaners Gold Coast conduct their jobs

Our trained and certified crime scene cleaners will turn up at the Gold Coast trauma scene wearing Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to make sure they are not exposed to the health risk of blood pathogens.

They will clean the scene as they are trained, using special chemicals to deodorise and decontaminate the site, leaving it hygienic and safe for re-entry. They use an Ultra Violet light to identify and remove any hazards not visible to the naked eye.

They will safely dispose of any biohazardous materials such as body parts or fluids.

The team will conduct ATP testing before and after the clean, to make sure the scene has a safe level of living micro-organisms. This means they have successfully removed any health hazards such as blood and body fluids.

Clearance testing certificates are provided where requested.

Our Crime Scene Cleaner’s Experience and Qualifications in Crime Scene Cleaning Gold Coast

PHJ Services are trained and certified with ABRA – The American Bio-hazard Recovery Association. They are the global body that trains and certifies crime scene cleaners in bio-recovery, forensic cleaning and trauma scene clean up.

Our team have been through this extensive, globally recognised training in Melbourne. This, combined with our 40 years experience makes us the best choice for crime scene cleaners on the Gold Coast. Our certified bio-technicians are proud to be able to provide a professional service in a time of great emotional stress.

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