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PHJ Water Damage Restoration Management

Posted on October 10, 2015

Have you experienced water damage in the recents floods? PhJ Services provide Water Damage Restoration Management to ensure you are looked after the right way!

Living on the Gold Coast has many positives such as; Friendly people, great surf and most days’ fantastic weather. However it does have its negatives when it hits storm season there are many people that have their homes affected by storm damages. That is where PHJ Services come in. We are also a Water Damage Restoration company and have been helping both commercial and residential buildings have carpets restored since 1975. We are listed on the preferred list of most insurance companies. We are often contacted directly from insurance companies to organize the water extraction, drying, re-laying and cleaning. The restorations often extend to internal reconstruction work, which allows PHJ Services to offer a complete management of restoration.

Since the Cyclone Oswald hit in late January of this year PHJ Services have had over 200 water damage claims where we strive to give the best possible service. Technician’s were working around the clock attending to homes and businesses from far North Gold Coast to as far South as Coopers Shoot. In NSW.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the residents of the Gold Coast for their patience and positive feedback even though they were dealing with damage and loss to their property. One of PHJ favorite things about water damages is seeing the final result after everything has been restored and there house is back to its original condition.

Our company has staff of six, comprising of four operators in fully equipped vans, one office manager and an owner/Director. 2 sub-contract carpet layers who work almost exclusively for our company complements those personnel. For emergency work, we offer a 24-hour service covering an area from Murwillumbah in the South, Beenleigh in the north Tambourine/Canungra in the west.

The procedure of water damages start to finish .Following arrival at the scene, the first job of every operator is to evaluate the damage. We try to establish the extent of the damage, whether or not restoration is both possible and feasible, and any risk factors such as power cables in water down to timber furniture on wet carpet and how the work can be performed. Although it is always necessary to dry the affected area, we will never attempt restoration without consultation with you, if it is believed that the carpet cannot be returned to a pre-damaged condition.

One of the basic concepts of drying is that the length of time required to dry materials is determined by the rate of evaporation. Air flow will promote evaporation.

If you can get flowing air on both sides of a carpet, the rate of evaporation will be improved. Therefore lifting is a preferable option. However, that option is not available for glued carpet and, if a wet area is enclosed with little ventilation, the air will become saturated and evaporation will ultimately have no effect. Then you use equipment such as dehumidifiers.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Our technician will call out to your premises and extract the water from the carpet with an industrial extraction machine. Depending on how long the carpet has been wet for if it has been wet for more than 72hrs then the carpet is generally mouldy and more than likely un-restorable.

The technician will discuss with you the best method to complete the drying process to removal process.

The technician will install drying equipment such as air movers and/or dehumidifiers to dry not only the carpet but the carpet backing / underlay / floor. Again depending on how long the carpet has been wet for.

The technician will call back to your premises if necessary to check progress of drying and monitor equipment as the drying process is proceeding.

On completion of drying process technician will clean carpet/furnishings. Or if un-restorable your insurance company will liaise with you when the replacement will take place of your damages.

Please Note:

Water damage restoration may include but not limited to the following procedures; water extraction, movement of furniture, lifting of carpets, drying of underlay, replacement of underlay, installation of drying equipment, carpet relaying, mould remediation, deodorizing, microbial treatments, cleaning. All water damage restorations are different and not all services listed may be necessary. After the technician performs water extraction he will advise on what services are required to complete the restoration.

Please be advised that if the carpet underlay and floor are left to dry naturally without the use of drying equipment this may lead to mould and health issues.

Depending on the severity of the water damage the drying process can take between 24–72 hours for all carpets/floor etc. to be completely dry.

We like to offer the most cost-effective alternative and reserve our decision until attending every scene. Our goal is to always work professionally and efficiently to restore our clients damaged property.

Please contact us today to book your quality cleaning service.