Smoke Damage Cleaning

Smoke Damage Cleaning

If your home, office or business has been affected by fire or smoke damage, the sooner you can begin the restoration process the better.

Early assessment makes it easier for you to evaluate and act on the damage. Your chances of saving your possessions and returning your home or office to its original condition increase when you don’t delay the restoration process.

Any fire can cause damage, making your home and premises unusable. It produces smoke, odour and soot build up that can damage your building permanently if damage remission actions are not taken immediately.

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Trained Police Car Cleaners to remove biohazardous material and health risk

At the time of the disaster, based on instinct, you want to get in and start the clean-up and restoration process on your own. However, there are several things you should consider before you start doing the work yourself. It may be very well be in your best interest to hire a restoration company such as PHJ Services.

As the leading professionals in Smoke damage cleaning Gold Coast the PHJ Services team are better equipped than yourself to prevent further damage and can return your property to its original condition. Our experience in Smoke damage cleaning means we have the necessary training to complete the job and restore the damaged area correctly the first time. We use innovative processes and restoration solutions allowing us to often save property and possessions that would otherwise need to be replaced. Our aim is to provide the best possible service while keeping the inconveniences to a minimum.

In most cases, your insurance will cover the costs of the complete restoration, and we can work with your insurance company. When selecting the right company to complete your restoration, we recommend finding one that is reliable experienced and that you are comfortable working with.

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Whats involved in the Cleanup Process?

Cleaning up after a fire and smoke damage is more involved that many people realise, hence why we always recommending using smoke damage cleaning professionals.

Every building or structure is built with a mixture of materials, and for this reason, every fire is slightly different. The damage from the smoke could be widespread even if it was only a small initial fire and within a contained space. Porous material such as wood, carpets, walls and ceilings often absorbs smoke and hold the odour, which can make the clean up more involved.

Another consideration is that different fires produce different smoke: wet smoke, dry smoke, protein smoke and fuel oil smoke. Each smoke type requires an experienced smoke damage cleaner who is specifically trained in the particular type of smoke. If the smoke clean-up isn’t treated correctly, the odour can linger for months.

An additional service offered by smoke damage cleaning gold coast professionals is the removal of the mess left by the extinguisher. Some extinguisher use water where others use foam, and both of these can damage carpets, walls, ceilings. Excess water can also contribute to the growth of mould.

A professional fire restoration company such as PHJ Services will be able to assist you with all areas of smoke damage cleaning including liaising with your insurance company.

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