Carpet and Fabric Protection

Gold Coast Carpet and Fabric Protection

professional carpet cleaning gold coastKeep your carpets and upholstery cleaner, brighter and fresher for longer! Whether it’s your favourite comfy couch, a much-loved family heirloom piece or a new lounge suite, preventative protection is essential for preserving those favourite furnishings in your home.

For long term use and enjoyment of your home furnishings, PHJ Services not only clean your carpets and upholstery, but take it one step further with comprehensive services in carpet and fabric protection.

Protected carpets and upholstery will better maintain their:

You can rest assured that PHJ Services will take the utmost care of your personal or family possessions. After cleaning, our highly skilled and fully licensed staff will apply a protective invisible coating to your carpet and upholstery.

The protective coating acts like a ‘non-stick’ shield, preventing dirt from lodging within the carpet fibres and liquids from soaking in quickly – allowing you more time to clean up spills. Protection will even improve the efficiency of your own vacuum cleaner!

For professional Gold Coast carpet and fabric protection contact PHJ Services today.

Time Frame

You should first have your carpet and upholstery cleaned before applying protection. It takes only 5 minutes or so to complete the application process for each room or for a single seat lounge and you should allow the protective coating to completely dry before use. Drying time can vary according to ventilation and humidity but usually takes three to four hours.

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