Suicide Cleaners Gold Coast

Suicide Cleaners Gold Coast

Suicide Cleaners Gold Coast

Suicide Cleaners Gold Coast: We understand the distress associated with dealing with a suicide or murder scene.

We are the Gold Coast’s only fully certified bio-hazard recovery company.  This kind of trauma scene is something we’ve dealt with many times before professionally, sensitively, and removing any health risks the scene can potentially cause.

We urge you to be wary of other companies offering this trauma scene clean-up service who do not hold the specialist ABRA certifications that our technicians have been trained in.

Did you know that QLD laws dictate how to correctly  clean up a trauma scene and dispose of bio-hazardous material?

Hefty fines for non-compliance to these standards are high.

This is the last thing you need right now.

In addition, you will also want to make sure the scene is fully restored to pre-incident condition – even under UV light.  This can only be achieved with qualified bio-recovery professionals like us.

What do you do that is different to a normal cleaner?

We manage the clean up and restoration of the suicide clean to pre-incident condition by carrying out a number of services. These services include all aspects of forensic cleaning:

Use of a UV light to make sure all areas needing to be fully cleaned are identified and dealt with in the appropriate manner

Hygienic cleaning and removal of blood, body parts or fluids

The use of a specialist hydroxyl machine to remove odours

Safe removal and disposal of bio-hazardous material
Safe removal of mattresses, sheets, bedding, furnishings and floorings that may have been affected by the suicide or murder

Decontamination and sanitisation of all areas at the scene

Treatment of any hard-furnishings that can be cleaned onsite

ATP testing before and after the clean to make sure the scene has a safe level of living micro-organisms. This test ensures any health hazards caused by remnants of body parts, blood or body fluids has been successfully removed

Clearance testing certificates as required

How our Suicide Cleaners Gold Coast conduct their jobs

Our trained and certified suicide scene cleaners will turn up at the Gold Coast trauma scene wearing Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to make sure they are not exposed to the health risk of blood pathogens.

They will clean the scene as they are trained, using special chemicals to deodorise and decontaminate the site, leaving it hygienic and safe for re-entry. An Ultra Violet light will be used to identify and remove any hazards not visible to the naked eye. Any testing required to be conducted before and after the clean, to ensure it meets standards, will be done.

Our technicians are experienced in this type of clean and will be courteous, professional and thorough.