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Cleaning and Treating Carpet on the Gold Coast

Posted on May 5, 2019

The Gold Coast’s specialists in Carpet Cleaning and Stain Treatment.​

Our Many Services That We Offer.

Carpet Cleaning – PHJ Services, where the Coast goes for expert cleaning

Maintain the feel and appearance of your carpets with a thorough clean by your PHJ professional carpet cleaner.

Stain removal – Cordials / Coffee & Tea / Iodine / Make-up / Rust / Ice Blocks / Urine / Alcohol / Juice / Wine

If you are faced with one of these stains it may seem that your carpet or upholstery is ruined, or so you thought. In fact, very few stains are not treatable.

Here at PHJ Services we clean both carpets and rugs – rug cleaning comes in 3 different forms:

The normal clean (Usual steam, heat clean), The dual clean, The decontamination bath which helps get rid of stains and the smell of urine and/or vomit.

Carpet Repair Gold Coast: Not only do we clean carpets, but we also repair them!