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Fire Damage From Accident or Arson!

Posted on October 10, 2015

Have you experienced a fire from accident or arson? Fire can cause major damage to your building and PHJ Services know how to help!

Over the past few months we have had to attend to several fires. People sometimes ask “how do fires start?” or “How are people careless if a fire can damage their house or building?”
We here at PHJ Services have found a number of different reasons.

There was arson at a local school, where the fire was lit solely to take the fire brigade officer away from his home, while they then ransacked his house.

We also had another incident where after a break in, the offenders just wanted to cause destruction and lit a fire in the kitchen.

However, in another incident it was an overloaded power board that caused the fire, it was connected to a normal AC outlet and this particular woman had a power board overloaded with more than 4 different things including double adapters on top of the power board. It ultimately over heated and led to fire.

The most common fire accidents are people leaving things cooking on the stove or falling asleep with their ovens on.

The moral of the story is that arson and accidents do happen and that is why it is very important to have insurance and why PHJ Services specialize in Fire Damage Restoration.

Fire damage remediation is very labour intensive work, because you have to get the soot off every surface. You have to remove all the surface debris before any painters and builders can come in to finish the repairs. You have to use certain chemicals and certain techniques to perform for damage restoration. It is not an easy job to take on as a domestic cleaner and knowing you can cause more damage, it is highly recommend that you use a professional!

We have the proper training and capability to ultimately help an insurance company to resume the building to pre damage condition as cheaply as possible. But more importantly so that the home owner can enjoy their home to the standard that it was before it was burnt.

So, if you have experienced arson or even an accidental fire, then make sure you contact PHJ Services to get the damage repaired properly!