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Preparing for the Storm Season

Posted on October 10, 2015

How to prepare

Majority of Households do not have an Emergency Plan. PHJ recommend that you sit down at the dinner table one night with the whole household and explain and review your current emergency plan. During this time create your very own Emergency Kit, in this kit it should have the essentials such as batteries , first aid , water , a spare phone charger and a small radio that will help give the correct information regarding the current weather and local news. Ensure your home has a safety switch installed but a fully licensed electrician (do not attempt to interrupt your power during a storm) avoid using electronic such as computer and making phone calls from a fixed line. Always tech your children or younger siblings on how to dial 000 in case of an emergency, Teaching your children this could save a life.

Flood warning

If the news has issued a flood warning in your area, make sure your emergency kit has been fully stocked and the household has been warned about the potential flood. Always make sure that your neighbors are aware of the potential flood and ensure that they also pass on the warnings to others around them.

Flood in your house

When a flood has entered your home always ensure that you have stored bottled drinking water in a safe place high from the level of a flood. Flood water is contaminated and can be harmful. Never use electrical equipment when there is a flood within your home. If you do have to evacuate your home always be aware of the dangers that may be floating in the water, Heavy items and sharp item ECT.

PHJ hope that you all remain safe during the next storm season and are here if your house does have unexpected flooding. Please call us on 07 5520 7733 and we will send a technician out as soon as we can.