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Odour Removal and Control for Your Carpets or Upholstery

Posted on October 10, 2015

PHJ Services know how to get rid of those nasty odours, so rather than blocking your nose have PHJ services remove the odour for good!

Stale Smoke

The most common request for the removal of odour is often from a home owner or manager of a residential building where the tenants have been heavy smokers and have left the place smelling like stale cigarettes.

We will attend to the site and carefully remove the odour by using the correct procedures and chemicals. This procedure can take up to 2 visits to complete and includes a full odour barrier to the property. We offer an obligation free quote when it comes to odour control. Our technicians can attend to your property to give our quote and determine the likely time frame before the service commences.

Smelly Pets

Pets become a member of the family. However most pets are not bathed each day, which means they can end up a bit on the smelly side. We often have clients requesting our services to either remove the odour or the mess that the pets can sometimes cause. Many clients have had their rug cleaned in our factory due to their pets soiling. We here at PHJ Services have the equipment and chemicals that can 100% guarantee the smell in your rug will be removed for good. The rug is soaked in a decontamination bath for a 24 hour period then once completely soaked; it is hung up and naturally dried. Once completely dried, it is then gone over with our hot water extraction machine. This is a long process and usually requires a week for the service to be completed.

When it comes to odour removal and control, there are simple ways to avoid the stench from taking over. Simply open windows when you can to create ventilation, this is good for both fresh air circulating around the home and can also to prevent moisture from being trapped inside which will quiet often lead to growth of mould.

Smoke in Car

Have you bought a car and just cannot get rid of the smell of smoke from the previous owner? Each time you turn on the air conditioning it leaves you and the interior smelling like an ashtray? Well, bring your car into PHJ Services and let our Odour Control remove the smell from your car interior for good! A specially designed machine is placed inside your vehicle taking away the musty smell of cigarettes and leaving your car smelling like brand new.

We have the equipment that can clean the interior of your car. If you need your interiors freshened up and have been over quoted, then why not bring your car into our factory and have the interiors freshened up while you take a seat and relax all for one low cost of $300.00. This includes Odour Removal, Upholstery Clean and Interior detail.

Upholstery Cleaning

We deliver a thorough clean to your fabric upholstery, eliminating contaminants such as dust, dust mites and pollen and we specialize in all kinds of Stain Removal. We’ll even give you back any spare change we find! Upholstery Protection is also highly recommended; please ask about this when you book any upholstery cleaning service with us.

At PHJ Services, we are skilled in both hot water extraction and dry cleaning methods and will, in consultation with you, choose the most suitable type of upholstery cleaning for your furniture or car interior.

Leather Upholstery Cleaning

If you have a leather interior in your car or plush leather couches at home then look no further our staff are trained and qualified in all types of fabric and leather upholstery. Leather is a delicate material and does have special requirements which does require a higher charge. If you wish to make an inquiry, call us today on 07 5520 7733.

If you wish to prevent your leather from fading and cracking, we recommend regular Upholstery Cleaning of your leather upholstery. Our operators can clean and condition leather. Your leather is thoroughly cleaned and then conditioned to improve wear and enhance long-term appearance. Care and maintenance of your leather furniture is inexpensive and will ensure you’re still enjoying your investment in years to come.