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Keep Yourself And Your Carpet Healthy This Winter

PHJ Services are here for you during the winter season, so rug up and read through some of the helpful facts below. Studies show that the months between May and August are the most common times for germs to spread throughout the air...
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Maintaining Healthy Living

PHJ Services help you maintain a healthy environment by giving pointers on how to keep your home fresh and clean the natural way. The Gold Coast is known for its high humidity and unexpected rain fall. These changes in weather not only...
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Odour Removal and Control for Your Carpets or Upholstery

PHJ Services know how to get rid of those nasty odours, so rather than blocking your nose have PHJ services remove the odour for good! Stale Smoke The most common request for the removal of odour is often from a home owner or manager...
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Preparing for the Storm Season

How to prepare Majority of Households do not have an Emergency Plan. PHJ recommend that you sit down at the dinner table one night with the whole household and explain and review your current emergency plan. During this time create your...
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Effective Carpet Cleaning

What do you look for when choosing a professional carpet cleaning company, We have prepared a blog that will help you make the right decision and save you both time and money. Yes everyone knows how to vacuum their carpet, but...
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Selecting a Carpet Cleaner

09 October 2015

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